Hand of god in Minecraft ?


Hand of god in Minecraft ?

Minecraft is a huge sandbox game where players can create almost any kind of thing. With the help of many types of blocks, you can build anything from small houses to large buildings. These crazy builds are sometimes posted to the Minecraft Reddit Page, where thousands of Minecraft players gather daily to discuss all aspects of Minecraft and post anything related to it.

Redditor u/KevinJNguy01 posted a beautiful video showing how they created a massive hand using command blocks and falling gravel. Gravity is what affects gravel blocks in Minecraft. It will fall if there are no solid blocks beneath it. This trick is used cleverly by players. However, this redditor elevated it to a whole new level.

A command block below it suspended a particular type of gravel island in the air. It looked at first like a gravel island. But, when the player pressed the button on the command block, gravity began to affect the blocks and thousands of them started falling. The blocks began to form a large hand on the ground.

Minecraft Redditor: Players react to large hand sculptures made of gravel and command blocks

It was amazing to see how the player imagined the hand and created the gravel island. This was immediately noticed by Reddit users. Within a matter of hours, the post had received more than 21,000 upvotes. Many people discussed many aspects of the contraption, and they appreciated the original poster.

Redditor snarkily made a pun while admiring the build. He used the word “hand” in his joke. Many others were amazed at how strong the original poster's computer was to handle so many blocks falling on the hand. Many joked that they would burn their laptops if they attempted anything similar.

A few players also talked about how the original poster used a commandblock to cause the gravel blocks to fall correctly. This is the traditional way. Players simply break down the blocks beneath to let the gravel fall.

The overall design and how a sculpture was created with falling gravel blocks were loved by Minecraft Redditors. Many people liked the original poster, which received thousands of upvotes. It is still online and users continue to flock to it to see the amazing build and to share their opinions.