Hypixel Server


Hypixel Server

The Hypixel server has been one of the most popular Minecraft servers for years now. The Hypixel server was awarded a Guinness World Record in 2017 for being the most played independent server for a videogame. It actually had a peak of 216k concurrent users, which is insane.

The history of the Hypixel server is rich and it has grown in popularity over time.

All players need to know concerning the Hypixel server on Minecraft

Hypixel History

Players now know that the Hypixel server was created by Philip Touchette and Simon Collins-Laflamme accidentally in 2013. Before starting the server, these two geniuses were adventure map creators.

It was an accident that led to the creation of this server. The server was originally created to display the adventure maps that Philip and Simon had created. Players could play mini-games while they waited to see the different adventure maps.

Mini-games were more fun than adventure maps so the Minecraft Hypixel mini game server was born. The server now has 150k concurrent users per day.

Hypixel mini-games

Mini-games are the main draw of Hypixel Minecraft server. Skywars and Bedwars are the most popular mini-games available on the server. They're both very competitive.

Bedwars is an original game that pits eight to four teams against one another (depending on which game type). Each team has one bed. Their bed can be destroyed and they cannot respawn. Each team must defend their base against the enemy.

Skywars, a new game mode, spawns players on island that have tons of loot. This loot can be used against other players by the players who will need to fight for it. You will get even more loot when the chests are full.

Ender Dragons will continue attacking the remaining players as the game approaches its end. The player who survives wins the game and all the currency.