MInecraft best diamond village seeds

Diamonds can be used to create powerful weapons, armor, tools and other resources. They can be hard to find for players. Villages are another example of useful resources that can be found in-game. There are some tools that players have to aid in finding them.

A world seed is a way for players to find diamonds or villages. Minecraft world seeds control the in-game world generation. These are a great way for players to locate resources such as blocks and structures, in advance.

Are you unsure which world seed should be used for your game? We can help. Below is a list with the top five Minecraft seeds that can be used to create diamonds or villages.

5) Village and ravines (-7629372319681445308)

The Minecraft seed places the player on the edge of the jungle biome, only a few hundred blocks away from a village. This village is worth the effort, even though it will require some travel. It is a great place to find diamonds, as there are many loot boxes and ravines nearby.

Platform: Java Edition 1.17.1

Village coordinates: (-300, ~, -800)

Diamond vein coordinates: -224, 11, -870

4) Villagers hoard (1878725369).

The seed can be used to create a village that is a real treasure-trove. There are several loot boxes in the village that contain several diamonds. These loot boxes also contain valuable items like emeralds and saddles. This seed is a great choice for Minecraft players looking to get an extra boost in their game.

Platform Edition 1.17.1

3) Pillagers’ delight (380522958)

The unique seed’s spawn is located just a few steps from a village. Here players will find a loot box containing many diamonds. A pillager outpost is located near this village. This outpost doesn’t have more diamonds, but it is an excellent addition to players who want to add some danger to their game.

Platform Edition 1.17.1

Pillager outpost coordinates: 619, 70, 575

2) Seaside village (2608135457800326713)

This seed creates a village on the ocean edge. This village is a beautiful spot with three blacksmith buildings where players can find up to three diamonds. Here, iron, apples, and armor are all common loot.

Platform: Java Edition 1.17.1

Village coordinates: 275, 64, 150

1) Jungle temple villages (29213903446127296)

This seed is ideal for Minecraft players looking to find unique locations. The jungle temple village is the first place players will find. This village and its jungle temple do not contain any diamonds. Players who venture further into the world will find another jungle village with a loot box containing many diamonds.

Platform: Java Edition 1.17.1

Jungle temple village 1) coordinates: 10, 67, 25

Jungle temple village 2) coordinates: 800, 64, 150

Although it is rare to find them together, Minecraft players can use diamonds and villages to help them advance.