New Polish server!


New Polish server!

Poland closed its schools in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. Online classes are becoming more popular, but it's still difficult to keep housebound children occupied. Polish government believes it has the solution: it just launched a Minecraft server, among other initiatives.

The initiative's name is Grarantanna. It offers a variety of educational activities, including quizzes and game jams, pen-and-paper sessions online, and a Minecraft server. Each player gets a plot measuring 60×60. This creative server is open for elementary, high school, and college students. The most impressive builds will receive awards, and players are encouraged to create “known buildings”. The competition will be open until March 27,

It's a great idea. Minecraft is an easy game to play in creative mode. There are more than 112 active users every month so many people have it already installed. You can find out how to register if you're a Polish student here.

It's not the first time Minecraft has factored in to people's self-isolation plans: in Japan, students are hosting their March graduation ceremonies on Minecraft servers.