Tricks for hiding lighting in Minecraft


Tricks for hiding lighting in Minecraft

Minecraft's light levels are an important statistic as they determine where hostile mobs will be able to generate. Since version 1.17, hostile mobs must have a light level less than 7 in order to spawn.

By keeping the light level at 7 or higher, players can prevent hostile mobs spawning. To prevent any creeper explosions, every player must lighten their base and the surrounding areas.

Players must take care of their appearance while lighting up their bases. Spamming torches could make any home look dingy. To get sufficient light, players can conceal light sources so that they don't look sloppy.

There are many ways to hide light sources from Minecraft

5) Paintings

Paintings can be used as decoration in Minecraft. You can create a painting using eight sticks and one piece of wool in any color.

In Minecraft, paintings are considered entities. This means that light can pass through them. You can also place paintings over light sources to hide them. The room will remain lit even if the light sources are hidden.

4) Trap doors

Trap doors can be used to hide light sources within Minecraft. Each trap door is unique and allows light through. You can decorate trap doors with light blocks or use them as decorations.

Minecraft allows players to create nine types trap doors: oak and acacia, dark Oak, jungle, birch, forest, spruce and crimson. To make wooden trap doors, players will need to place six planks from the same type in an area of 2×3. Four iron ingots are required to make iron trap doors.

3) Lanterns beneath lily pads

Although lily pads are often overlooked, they look great in aquatic designs. Many players don't know that lily pads can conceal light sources underwater.

Lanterns can be hung under lily pads. Players can light up their lakes and rivers without having to rely on expensive blocks such as sea lanterns.

2) Leaves

For hiding light sources in trees or under gardens in Minecraft, leaves are a great choice. Because leaves are transparent, light can pass through them.

Any light block can be placed by players and then they can use leaves to cover it. Players can also get leaves from trees with shears.

1) Carpets

Minecraft allows players to create 16 different color carpets. Carpets can be used to conceal light sources and maintain the appearance of your builds. Two wool blocks are used to make carpets.

Carpets blend well with other colors and look natural. To stop hostile mobs spawning, players can cover the flooring with carpeting and hide lighting.

There are many ways to hide light sources in Minecraft. In addition to the above tricks, you can also use daylight sensors and redstone lamps.